First thing you read, If you are giving or receiving a service. This is our 1st rule.

      Patrick Troup (RIP Brother)

Community leader &  Founder of The Good Festival & Co-Spirit guide of the Good Game.

This Good Game is dedicated to Patrick Troup.  Thank you my friend for the inspiration to make this a reality.  I love you bro and will never forget your spirit, may it guide us all to goodness in the community of our hearts.

       Founder of The Good Game – JOSEPH JACQUES

 Good Stories from the Good Game!

I got an incredibly helpful session with Matthew Edwards — my first use of The Good Game . Matthew guided me to realize some vital points and assisted me with changing my direction in moving forward with my livelihood. Also, a very cool synchronicity happened in that as he was making a point I was resisting, my phone rang with a friend leaving a message that was the perfect echo. I LOVE the Good Game so far!

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Welcome to the Good Game!

“Quality of play is a direct reflection of how we play”

James Carse

GOAL:  To provide a nurturing, fun and engaging context for community to gift itself, grow and meet specific needs.

Your primary job in The Good Game is community-improvement, a kind of work nearly all of us find naturally enriching.  The Good Game is a container for towns and communities to learn how to cultivate their community by trading services, doing acts of good for each other.

  How the Game works

In this game we’ll have 30 to 50 people trading services for goods in community.  Each person in the game offers 1 ~ 3, or more… services / skills like, a yoga class, car repair, a hike, life coaching, some service that is helpful to your community.   So It looks like this…

Patrick Troup

  1.  Take you on a Hike through the hills of Marin

  2.  Help with landscaping

  3.  Someone to play tennis with

Each person service = $100 (The Good Flow) Each service is 1 hour in length. The game last 3 months, you must trade all of your services in that time.  Each person gifts 20 hours in services into the Good Game.  Our goal is to reach level 7 in the Game, which means as a community we’ve traded $60,000 dollars worth of service between us.  Cool right?  That is money saved by our community.

Communities everywhere are struggling economically to provide for itself.  The Good Game acts as an abundance pool for community to thrive from. By trading services, we create jobs, get needs met, interact with each other, get to know each other and save money.

Every participant will receive 20 of THE GOOD FLOW to pay each other for services.

4 defining traits to all games.

Goal   ~   Rules   ~   Feedback   ~   Voluntary Participation

Have fun, get needs met, teach your passion, know your community, save money, enroll potential clients, do good for each other, share love, cultivate community.  Can we “Level up’ as a collective in the game?

Level 1 is $2000
Level 2 is $5000
Level 3 is $15,000
Level 4 is $25,0000
Level 5 is $35,0000
Level 6 is $45,0000
Level 7 is $60,0000

The question is can we get to $60,000 in 3 months time?

The Game will be hosting Good parties where you can meet, share stories, trade services, do open mic, dance, or any range of fun things.. This will all be listed on our website and our Good Game FB page.

Please take pictures and video’s and post them on the FB event page!  Let the game begin..!

Let’s live sustainability on mother earth so we can thrive and so can she!