1.  Read this out loud before you give or receive your service.

2. Give the person your good dollars after you get your service, please sign and date the back and list what service you we’re given.

3.  Post pictures of your experience on our Good Game FB page:

4.  Be 5 min early for him or her. Do not be late!
5.  If you like, give your Good Flow away to people you’d like to be in the game.  They need to sign in:  www.thegoodgame.us

Two ways of being while in the game.

Did you do a good job? Were you grateful…..? or a painful critic?

How where they being as they did that job?  Fun? Alive? Happy? Joyful?

Ways of being as you play.

Check in with your community and see how you did with your service that you provided.  How did you do?  Did you met their need? Did you listen to what they needed? Everyone has their own personal rules for playing the game of life, my rules might be different than yours, and that’s ok. How well can you set the context for them concerning HOW you like to play your game. Hence the 1st rule.  Please read it out loud to avoid confusion while playing the Good Game.  Thank you.

Voluntary Participation:

Play fully, with joy and blissfulness.  As you participate, magic will happen, profound connections, meaningful synchronicity, job opportunities, new relationships created, a wider circle of influence will manifest.  Play and be open to miracles happening in your life!