SF People and Services.

The good game is a group of loving people that care about thriving and being sustainable in community.


SF People & Services

Now you’ve got your $2000, you are ready to rock!  Follow these three rules below and your off and running.  If you don’t have your “Good Flow”, it’s all good.  Contact me:  Joseph@harmonichumanity.org, sign up on the HOME PAGE of this website and we’ll get you set up ASAP.  It’s easy and fun.

  1. Choose from any of these amazing 1 hour services below provided by the Good Game community.
  2. Email or call that person, create together all the arrangements needed to provide your services.
  3. See the Good Game Rules next, please don’t forget this step in the game, we do have game etiquette.
  4.  Start playing.
When you do email someone, put in the Subject line of the email… The Good Game  ( Your Name)

Here’s who’s in the Game below, we have 30 awesome community peeps, as of now.  Please invite more community to play.   These emails are not to be given out without verbal agreements from that person.  These emails are to used by the the Good Gamer’s only.

If you see the value in this for your community, please post on our Good Game FB page with a text and a picture of you providing your service.    Post here:    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1055097487967361/ 

Let The Good Game begin!

1.  Mary Serphos



  1. Counseling/ Therapy for Emotional Challenges
  2. Creative Photo Shoot or Design/Image consultation for your apartment or home
  3. Nutrition/ Health Coaching consultation

2.  Valerie Badgett


  1. Review of your business for potential investor funding
  2.  Market and revenue expansion mini-analysis
  3. Access to investor funding program
  4. Landing page development, initial review
  5. Celebrity and VIP Gift Bag participation/access


3.  Chris Lang


  1. landscape / plant guide / garden restoration.
  2. Bike ride coaching / on road or off road.
  3. Public speaking coaching

4.  Doug Fuller



  1. Wellness consulting
  2. Drumming class
  3. Listening Buddy

5.  Arielle Brown



  1. Relationship Coaching.
  2. Cooking Lessons.

6. Karen Marks



  1. Adventure hike with you canine friend.
  2. Designing and planting a Garden.
  3. Consultation for promoting or selling at local farmers market(everything you need to do to begin)
  4. Event Planning

7.  Jeff Groethe



  1. A Health Upgrade Coaching Session
  2. A Tray of homegrown, Nutrient Dense MicroGreens
  3. A Class on Whole-Food, Plant-Based Nutrition

8.  Sierra Salin


  1. carpentry
  2. electrical
  3. troubleshooting
  4. building/fixing/rebuilding near anything

9.  Conor Larkin



  1. Friendship support/ someone to listen to.
  2. Someone to go on a hike with or go see a movie with.
  3. Help accomplishing a manual labor task like moving boxes or a yard project, any physically active task I am up for.

10.  Autumn Dance


  1. babysitting! (one or 2 or 3 hours?)
  2. Excellent trail hikes/ bike hikes
  3. Hour Massage (not certified but very in touch!!)

11.  Joseph Jacques



  1. Personal Training
  2. Piano Serenade at the park
  3. Help with cleaning something or moving something.

12.  Ace Thelin


  1. Political Therapy- deep discussions on the evolution of history.
  2. Gardening-anything and everything related to plants animals and the soil.
  3. Storytelling for a children’s event.

13.  Lise


  1. NVC = Non Violent Communication buddy
  2. Walking buddy for slow to moderate walks around San Rafael area.
  3. I am trained in Nutrition, Herbalism and can provide Nutritional, Cooking, Herbal consultations.

14.  Gail Koffman



  1. copy-writing
  2. copy-editing
  3. book development, including ghostwriting
  4. social media/PR
  5. coaching, specializing in personal growth
  6. creative consulting/brainstorming ideas

15.  Florence Schneider



  1. HEART MATTERS Connection, Listening, & Support Session
  2. HEART MATTERS Communication Coaching Session
  3. HEART FLOWGA Embodied Self-love Session

16.  Mark Kahn



  1. 1 hour of recording services for anybody in the Good Game that would like to record their vocals or instrumentals in a studio.

17.  Matthew Edwards



  1. Spiritual Life Path Reading :  Receive information and guidance on you life path, the unfolding of your purpose, navigation of opportunities and challenges, and spiritual growth, drawing on the wisdom of the tarot and your spirit guides.
  2. A one hour consulting session on how to develop and structure any idea, service or project.
  3. A healing and life force restoration session using the medicine of stones, sound and the power of awareness to activate fundamental creative life force energy and restore balance.

18.  Tyler Nilson             


  1. bodywork (thai massage, chi nei tsang, acrosage)
  2. one hour photoshoot
  3. one hour videoshoot

19.  Bhaskar Banerji



  1. Thai Massage Session
  2. Dream Interpretation session
  3. Dream Incubation session – asking guidance from dreams

20. Mark Perlin



  1. Guide Chanterelle mushroom hunting
  2. Consultation on integrating Solar-Electricity or the solar business
  3. Strategic plan formation session to reach an strategic objective you have

21.  Aj Lovewins



  1.  A photo shoot, 300 photos, 3 clothing changes, 30 processed digital prints.
  2.  1 weekend house/pet sitting Bay Area region.
  3.  Bike tour of San Francisco for two w/ AJ 3 hours. Bike rental cost not included.

22. Morgan Seip


  1. Edible plant hike
  2. Herbal medicine consultation
  3. Make your own herbal medicine lesson

23. Pete LaCroix



  1. Handyman
  2. Moving stuff
  3. Car advise

24.  Michelle Simonson


  1. 90 minute dance in the wild/hike (I have one extra set of headphones and one extra device) for group or one person
  2. One hour Phone support calls (for 5 different people) during a transition — help give practical direction as to what to do next in crisis.
  3. Will pick up soup/supplements/ healthy food (happy to offer suggestions) to drop off when you are under the weather (to be reimbursed when I provide receipts)
  4. Design a ritual for life transition to be done together at a spiral or labyrinth (several options which may or may not include hike – your choice).
  5. One hour reading with multiple oracle decks to address transition in your life.
  6. Hour guided Full Moon-rise viewing hiking expedition (hopefully for group) to the Hidden Egg Sculpture and the Labyrinth in Fairfax.
  7. 2 hour session of childcare for parents to escape for a dinner date. (evening/night).

25.  Jennifer Hammond



  1. Come on a local walk (with Fairfax on Foot) (second Saturday of each month) and learn more about the beautiful place we live.
  2. Free film night (you and a guest) for screening of “Seed: The Untold Story: and panel discussion at the Fairfax Women’s Club on Friday, May 19th, 6:30pm In-home zero waste consultation (1 hour)
  3. Learn how to set up your kitchen recycling/composting. Get your sorting questions answered. Learn how to make your own cleaning products.

26.  Maria Baird



1.  Planning events.
2.  Creating flyers.
3.  Public outreach.

27. Burrill Crohn



  1. Documentary Film-making Consultation. Any aspect of documentary film-making (two hours)
  2. Writing consultation/manuscript review (two hours)
  3. You Are The Guru session; leading the shamanic life (one hour)

28.  Will Holme



  1. Singing workshop.
  2.  Sound Healing with tuning forks and instruments.
  3. Cooking lessons.

29.  Cassidy  Russell


1.  Learn how to make Mystic chocolate.
2.  Learn how to make Bodacious bread.
3.  Learn the art of  “Kava Ceremony” Tea Temple style.

30.  Antonio Aversano



1.  Awakening Sound Lesson on Native American flute, Didgeridoo, Harmonium, or Hand Drum (Djembe / Conga)
2.  Intuitive Oracle Insight Session – a one hour session gaining insight into your Self combining the use of one of my many oracle decks combined with intuitive counseling
3.  1 Hour Professional Photography Session – Head shots, pictures of your home, land or whatever you’d like.

31.  Ara Rose



1. Along the lines of offering listening/support for someone who needs to talk or work through something they are going through presently – offer space to witness/reflect for them (kinda like co-counseling)
2. Music – practice, play together, jam – offer teaching/instruction…or recording available too.
3. Help with your project – if it’s cleaning/physical work/cooking or other – creative – any kind of project that you need help with.

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