Patrick Troup, Spirit guide for this game.

“Quality of play is a direct reflection of how we play”     James Cars

MISSION:  To provide a nurturing, fun and engaging context for community to gift itself, grow and meet specific needs.

Your primary job in The Good Game is community-improvement, a kind of work nearly all of us find naturally enriching.  The Good Game is a container for towns and communities to learn how to cultivate their community by trading services, doing acts of good for each other.


30 to 40 people trading services for goods in community.  Each person in the game offers 1 ~ 3 services like, a yoga class, car repair, a hike, life coaching, some service that is good and helpful. Each person service = $100 (The Good Flow) Each service is 1 hour in length. The game last 3 months, you must trade all of your services in that time.  Each person gifts 20 hours in services into the Good Game.

Every participant will receive 20 notes of THE GOOD FLOW to pay each other for services.  On the night of the Good Party, you’ll receive your flow as seen to the left.


Communities everywhere are struggling economically to provide for itself.  The Good Game acts as an abundance pool for community to thrive from. By trading services, we create jobs, get needs met, interact with each other, get to know each other and save money.


Most of the activities are hosted out of our community hub, called, “The Hub”, in Fairfax, Ca.